How to Get A Mistress?
(from my own experience)

Finally you can fulfill all your inner desires...

How to turn your girlfriend/wife into the ultimate dominant mistress (your woman of dreams)?

How to seduce her dominant nature out of her?

Make sure to read every single word on this page so that you don't have to regret your entire lifetime.

It doesn't matter how docile, modest, or traditional you think she is. Lurking beneath her innocent shell is a roaring dominatrix that is ready to be set free. It is time you stop dreaming and start living. Her power and talent is closer than you think. Women do not have to learn how to be a dominatrix, they are born with it. It is pure instinct. In our male dominated society, women are kept in their place. Their instincts are subdued. Nevertheless, there isn't a woman on this planet that lacks this hidden power, and if you allow it to be unleashed, you will soon find yourself in bed with a widely dominant and utterly unstoppable dominatrix.

A woman's secret power of control must be encouraged and slowly released. Like a predator, she has to smell blood before she can learn to attack. The hidden dominatrix inside must know that she is allowed to come out and take control. Once out, there is no going back. The leash will have been cut, and she will run free, happily taking up her natural position and embracing her sexual instincts.

If you are in a serious relationship and ready to be submissive, prepare yourself for what is soon to come. The dominatrix of your dreams is standing in front of you. The transformation begins by slowly drawing out her hidden powers with your own signs of submission. This can be difficult because woman have been conditioned to be obedient, and have been subservient to men since the day they were born.

As the fairer sex, their gentleness and fragility has been mistaken for weakness to the same extent that our masculine strength and size has been mistaken for authority. While it is true that most men are physically more powerful, it is women alone who possess an extraordinary intellectual, emotional, and sexual potency. While most women are unaware of their powers, those who have discovered them are in complete control, and have their men pleading for more. The incredible number of Dominatrix advertisements on the internet is a testament to this power.

It is much easier for a man to desire the dominance of a women than it is for a woman to desire the submission of a man. This explains why men will travel thousands of miles and pay out enormous sums of money to experience the authoritative force of a woman. As amazing as they are, a professional Dominatrix can never replace the intimacy found with your own wife or girlfriend.

Her commanding nature is waiting to be seduced through your submission. You cannot, however, elicit her instincts with Dominatrix pictures or material. Unless she is incredibly open, that approach will catch her off-guard, and most certainly turn her off. What you want to do, is turn her on. This is about the art of seduction. As your relationship progresses, you will soon find her taking more dominant steps. As she grows to appreciate this role, she will soon be ready for a full introduction to B&D and D&S material.

The art of seduction begins with kindness. You have to treat her like royalty. She must become your queen. In your daily life, you need to serve her every wish as if she were some kind of goddess. It is your responsibility to behave like a gracious servant, humble, and always submissive. If she argues or complains, you must let her win. If she says jump, you must say how high.

Not only must you be submissive to her wishes, you must take an active role in making her feel like a princess. Offer yourself to her every whim. If you see her sitting down, sit down next to her, take her feet in your hands, and give her an amazing foot massage. If her feet are on the floor, get down on your knees, kneel before her, remove her shoes, and massage away.

At home, take care of her responsibilities. Surprise her by cleaning the dishes, cooking dinner, or taking out the garbage. Catch her off-guard by washing the kitchen floor, cutting the grass, or washing her car. Do anything you can think of to seduce her into this feeling of superiority. It is also important for her to feel emotionally connected to you during this time. You are not just a servant, but a servant that she loves and adores.

If she asks you why you have decided to start treating her so nicely, just tell her that you are falling more and more in love with her every day. Tell her that you just want to make her happy.

Tell her that she is your queen and that she deserves to be treated like one. Be sweet, but be careful not to overdo it.

You should also surprise her with little romantic gestures. For example, you can come home with romantic gifts or flowers. You can sneak love poems into her purse. You can surprise her with a bubble bath. All you have to do is prepare the bath, help her undress, hold her hand has she enters, and then delicately massage her body with a soft sponge. You can light candles and play soft music in the background. Then, if you want to make it really special, cover her naked body with a newly purchased white towel as you help her out of the bath. Finally, take her to the bedroom, kiss her, massage her, tease her, and work your way to pleasuring her orally.

As this pattern continues, you will both begin to grow accustomed to it. You will be at more liberty to take further action. While rubbing her feet, for instance, you can gently kiss her legs. You can introduce lotion, and even use your tongue. Soon, she will be extremely open to your advances. You can work your way up her legs to inner thighs, and eventually to her crotch. This takes time, and you have to work your way to this point. If you do it too early, you're risking a negative reaction.

Done correctly, you will soon be in the habit of orally pleasuring her. You will kiss her all over, and make sweet love to her with your mouth. Unless she requests you penis, withhold this kind of penetration. Put aside all your desires and cater to her every wish. This is the point where her feelings of royalty transfer from everyday life to the bedroom.

As much as she loves traditional sex, she will love her new position as queen of the bedroom even more. She may even request that you introduce a vibrator or dildo. The introduction of such sexual toys must be subtle and only done at her request. You must also remember that these toys are only there to help, not replace what you have been doing. You must always begin with your natural touch and kiss. She has to be fully aroused before you gently and carefully introduce the new toy.

Your goal is to redefine intimacy, and to reach a point where both of you begin to view intimacy as existing solely for her own pleasure and excitement. It is at this point when things get interesting. You have been withholding your own pleasure, and she will deeply respect you for this. Out of love, she will encourage you to please yourself. The transition occurs at this important juncture. She will give you permission to enter her. She will offer up her services and genuinely want to give you pleasure. Soon she will learn that she is in control of not just her own pleasure, but yours as well.

When she offers to please you, you can accept. She will be feeling very grateful and loving. You must always request permission, however, before doing anything that could please yourself. Additionally, you must always ask for her consent before you let yourself orgasm. Soon she will come to love the realization that she is in complete and utter control of your ability to climax.

You can now get daring and come home with sexy lingerie. Tell her how good she looks and how excited she makes you feel. Buy her a tight leather skirt. She'll like the way it feels on her body. She'll feel mischievous and erotic. Soon she'll be buying bedroom accessories on her own.

Encourage this behavior. Let her have fun with it. Laugh, giggle, and entertain yourselves in the bedroom. She will enjoy playing games. Soon, you can introduce more controversial toys. Having reached that point where the two of you are incredibly comfortable and open, she will embrace them. You can now introduce her to D&S or B&D material. Come home one day, and show her a website that a friend showed you. Say something like, "How good would you look in that outfit." By this point, she'll be open to the idea, if not downright excited about it.

If you sense a less than positive reaction, back off, and let things progress more slowly. You don't want to rush things. You should know better than anyone else what's going on in her head, and you must be careful not to push things too fast. Some woman respond faster than others, but all have the same hidden potential within. Just keep doing what you are doing. The longer you keep it up, the more she is going to appreciate her new role. The more she feels comfortable in this new role, the more she will push for change herself. She will soon think that the ideas are her own, and when this happens, you are in for easy sailing. If you are trusting, loving, and deeply connected, her hidden potential will soon blossom. Before you know it, you'll have quite a woman on your hands. Good luck! You're in for a wild ride!

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